Irony. Defined.

Shala, working on a post on her other blog: “Michael, how do you spell onomatopoeia?”

Michael: “I don’t know. Like it sounds?”


  1. not unlike the time i ran across the word ‘autodidact’ in someone’s blog. i spent a couple of seconds thinking about asking them what it meant and then decided, screw it. i’ll go figure it out for myself.


      • I have all three of his books. If you like mysteries, I would recommend them. They are kind of your standard murder/mystery written by a guy. Nikki Heat has no personal looks description about her, just like most guy books are written. The second and third books are a bit more ‘grusome’ but I have enjoyed them, partly because of the link. Hey, maybe a library would have them that you could see first. Who knows. I would recommend them, and I’m not a mystery person. 🙂


      • Conveniently, the Caterpickle and I have plans to romp around the children’s library while she’s on vacation this week, so I’ll check one out then. Thanks for the recommendation!


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