Book Review: Snow Friends

Cross-posted on our sister blog, Caterpickles.

It’s school vacation week, and The Four-Year-Old has requested that I “give Caterpickles a rest” so that we can proceed directly to the play date portion of today’s itinerary. So I’m going to be truly lazy and use a book review that I wrote for Goodreads a while back.

Snow Friends
By M. Christina Butler
Illustrated by Tina Macnaughton
Good Books, 2005
Age Range: Age 2 and up

If I could give a book six stars, I’d give them to this one. My daughter made me read it three times in a row last night, and still couldn’t get enough (at one point I buried it under the stack of library books, while asking her to choose between two others for the next story–she dug through the stack, pulled this one out and pushed it onto my lap).

I would say it’s the glitter, but we’ve read other books with glittery pages, and she didn’t mind when we went on to the next story. I think she’s enthralled with the otter. Or maybe it’s the whole package: illustrations in the style she likes, pictures of bears sliding down hills that make her laugh, glittery snowmen, and a cute otter. How can you beat that, really?

And now it’s your turn. What are you reading this week?

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