Why We Started This Blog

We love words, and we do a lot of writing. OK, maybe it’s not so surprising that Shala spends a lot of time writing, since her job description is, after all, “writer.” But it turns out that Michael (an ICU doc and researcher) sometimes spends upwards of 40 hours a week knitting words together for articles, presentations, book chapters, grant applications, and lectures.

We also love books. We have so many that we have arranged them by color. It was the only method that made any logical sense at all. Implementing and maintaining a Dewey Decimal or even a simple alphabetical-by-author system in a family whose book acquisition habits are most notable for their voracity is frankly impractical. Besides, moving books around is easier than repainting when we want to change the look of a room.

So, there you have it. We love books. We love writing. Blogging about books and writing (or books on writing) seemed only natural.


One Response to Why We Started This Blog

  1. 9u3rr1llabl095 says:

    Hi there. We at Guerrilla Blogs: http://cergat.wordpress.com/category/guebprojects/ are launching a writing contest with quite a few prizes to be won for especially new and aspiring writers. If you know anyone who would like to participate, we would appreciate it if you sent them our way. We will have similar contests every once in a while, and will let you know in advance if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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