Thinking of publishing your own ebook?

Here are a couple of posts you might find interesting.

First, Writer Beware Blog reviews BookTango’s new e-book self-publishing service: BookTango: Author Solutions Rolls Out Ebook Distribution Services. As you know, not all e-book self-publishing services are created equal. Writer Beware does its usual excellent job of comparing BookTango’s services against offerings from Smashwords, BookBaby, and Ebookit.

And also from Writer Beware Blog comes word of a professional survey of 1000 self-published e-book authors. The survey, which is being done by Taleist, is an attempt to get a better idea of average sales for self-published e-books, so that those of us who have one of our own in the works can set reasonable goals for our marketing efforts and sales results. According to Writer Beware, Taleist has collected 800 responses to date. This is one survey we’ll be keeping our eye on.


What are you thinking?

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