The Man Booker Prize Long List saves the day

You may have noticed on my last Book Bingo update post that while I’ve bingo’d the heck out of the To Be Read, Genre, Series, and Mix It Up columns, I am struggling a bit with the New Releases column (9 books to go).

(Scorecard: Shala Howell)
My 2014 Book Bingo Reading Scorecard. Completely unchanged since July, although I promise I’ve been reading. Really, I have. Just ask The Seven-Year-Old. Reading breaks out all the time at our house. Honest. (Scorecard: Shala Howell)

Sadly, when I pick a book to read I pay absolutely no attention to the year it was written. I only think to check when I’ve closed the cover and am ready to power up the old computer to add the title to my Book Bingo scorecard. Not too surprisingly, given that most of my new reads this summer were acquired by hitting up the library and used book stores, the vast majority of the books I’ve read lately were written before 2014. Well before 2014. As in I may have read a couple of books from the current decade, but I doubt it.

So, while I read diligently over the summer, I found myself making absolutely no progress on the New Releases column of the scorecard. If I’m going to READ ALL THE BOOKS by Christmas, something’s going to have to change.

Thank goodness for the Man Booker Prize long list, shown here in handy dandy picture form. If I stay focused on reading it, I might, just might manage to pull this one out.

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