2014 Book Bingo Update

Blogging may be getting short shrift from me this summer, but reading continues apace. I have high hopes that refueling my word tanks now will mean great things for the fall.

A while back I promised you updates on my Book Bingo Reading Challenge. Here’s the update:

(Scorecard: Shala Howell)
(Scorecard: Shala Howell)

I still haven’t read ALL THE BOOKS, but there’s a bingo or two in there nonetheless.

You’ll notice the list includes a ton of Elizabeth George books. That’s because I’ve embarked on a campaign to read all of her mysteries in the order she wrote them. I do this every once in a while with a writer I like so that I can see how they honed their craft over time.

I picked Elizabeth George for this year’s Author Binge because she does a great job managing emotional tension in her stories. I’m hoping that watching a master at work this summer will teach me a trick or two that I can use when I return to writing my own novel this fall.

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