This week’s Twitter find: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts from It’s About Time

As you know, I’m a relatively recent convert to Twitter. But lately, as I’ve come to stop thinking of Twitter as a place where work can get done, and started thinking of it as a watercooler, I’ve gotten a lot more out of it.

This week’s fabulous Twitter find is Barbara Wells Sarudy’s blog, It’s About Time. It’s a delightful blend of art and history, with a focus on how period art informs our understanding of that period’s history. This week, Sarudy has been posting extracts from medieval illuminated manuscripts. Hunting dogs, lap dogs, fowling, and stag hunting scenes abound, all in brilliant color.

My favorite scene is this:

Master of Girart de Roussillon, The Book of King Modus and Queen Ratio (after 1455) (Via: It's About Time)
Master of Girart de Roussillon, The Book of King Modus and Queen Ratio (after 1455) (Via: It’s About Time)

It’s pretty much the opposite of what I picture when I think of people hunting birds. Different technology calls for different techniques, I suppose. Anyone know what those men are using?

Bonus: Sarudy also writes a blog about 19th C American women. So I can read her stuff and call it research. What a perfect distraction for NaNoWriMo!

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